Lori was brilliant at every stage. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable at all times. I have some medical issues that she talked through fully and the end result was days of pain-free movement. I would highly recommend Lori to all. 10/10

Andy - September 2020

I would like to personally thank Lori of Studio 7 for helping me to alleviate the symptoms of a chronic health condition that has been afflicting me for some years. Lori was very attentive during her initial consultation. She suggested that the best route would be to undertake Craniosacral therapy. I do not understand how this works, it is magic! I now feel much calmer and the symptoms are much less pronounced than they used to be. I can't recommend Lori highly enough.

Andrew - March 2020

When I booked an Indian Head Massages for myself and a friend with Lori, I didn’t really know what to expect but was looking forward to a relaxing session. We were warmly greeted and welcomed into Lori’s home. I immediately felt a sense of calm. The massage gently relieved the tension in my head and neck. I felt myself relaxing. I suffer a lot from headaches and the sense of wellbeing and release of tension was very welcome. I highly recommend Lori and will be back to visit again sometime soon.

Jenny - February 2020

I cannot thank you enough! After years of seeing an assortment of chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, you were the first person to trace the source of my problems to an old whiplash injury that you literally felt out through your fingers. I have had numerous massages in the past but you take massage to the next level! You were kind and careful to ensure I was comfortable at all times. I love that it isn't awkward to chat as we go and I feel refreshed in body and spirit after a session with you. I am looking forward to booking my next!

Tamzin - January 2020

I was hugely sceptical about massage having had two in my life because, whilst they were pleasant, they left no lasting effect other than lightning my wallet and me thinking " what was the point of that?". Then I crossed paths with Lori who told me that, when training, she had sought out a deeper, longer lasting effect and found it in Raynor Massage. Lori carefully asked me how strong I would like it and off we went. Lori may look petite and ladylike, BOY is she effective though, like a human foam roller. I went in like Quasimodo and came out like Elastigirl and crucially I had no idea I was so tense, that my muscles were so inhibited in their movement, I thought I was fine. The joy and astonishment when I got home at how every movement to reach to pick something up or bend, twist or turn now felt supple, fluid and graceful. It was like my body went to Lori experiencing life in black and white and came out in Technicolour. A wonderful experience which I cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you so much Lori, you are now part of my monthly self-care routine.

Claire - October 2019

I booked the massage due to injuring my back whilst playing golf, after the massage my back felt like new and I felt no further pain and it also improved my next round. Lori was amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone that suffers pain or discomfort whilst performing any activity.

Jake - July 2019

I regularly have Raynor deep tissue massage done by Lori and would say she gives the best massages that I have experienced. I often have knots in my shoulders and back when I turn up for my appointments and Lori does a great job of finding these and working them out, whilst still managing to give attention to the rest of my body. I always come out of a session feeling completely relaxed. I highly recommend Raynor deep tissue massage with Lori. Thank you, I will be back for more!

Debbie - June 2019

As life in general and running long distances in particular takes a lot out of the body it is important to ensure that the body recovers properly. A deep tissue massage with Lori is the perfect way to prepare for and to recover from running and promote overall well-being. Lori takes great care to ensure that the massage meets your needs and she has always provided me with an excellent service. I would not hesitate in recommending Lori of Studio 7 to others.

Peter - March 2019

I promised myself when my very busy period was over, after Chinese New Year, I would treat myself to Craniosacral Therapy to give myself back some energy, make sure I was balanced and to make sure I took time for some deep relaxation. This was certainly achieved with Lori – she really knows her stuff and understands how we work and how we need to be in tune with the elements of the universe that work on the same principles. I had the best night’s sleep after this therapy and continue to sleep more deeply. I actually think I am now addicted and am already thinking about scheduling in my next appointment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lori for this therapy.

Abby - February 2019

I sent my husband to Lori so that she could look at and massage his back. It was extremely painful and felt like a trapped nerve or something similar. He is notorious for never doing anything about this kind of pain but it was obviously getting worse so Lori stepped into the fray. He came back from his appointment saying that it felt better even though it was still a bit painful but two days later he admitted he was pain free and feeling great. I can completely recommend Lori - my husband is a difficult patient and she looked after him really well and fixed whatever was wrong with his back!

Carolyn - June 2018

I couldn't recommend Lori more. Not only do I trust the Raynor technique fully, I also trust in Lori. She is personable, warm and above all professional. She is incredible and I leave feeling truly relaxed and "worked on". I've even been known to say "I feel like I'm walking on a cloud" after my 2 hour sessions with her. I can't thank you enough Lori. If you are contemplating it, just go and see what I've been talking about!

Emily - May 2018

This letter is to thank you for an excellent massage session just before Christmas. Firstly, I was very grateful you made such an effort to accomodate me on very short notice, during one of the busiest times for all of us. Despite this, the session never felt rushed, it was as relaxing as I remember it from my first treatment in 2017. Pain had spread up my back, so not only did my lower back hurt, but everything else as well, right up to my shoulders. I could hardly sit and stand. Again, I was impressed by the marked improvement by the time the session ended, I felt relaxed, refreshed and invigorated. Not only did the massage release a lot of tension in the body, it allowed me to relax and refocus my mind. Thank you!

Astrid - January 2018