Raynor Massage and Sports Massage

Back in April my newsletter was about my training in Raynor Deep Tissue Massage, which as you know was a fantastic experience and a therapy I love to work with more than ever now. This month I thought I would dive into why it’s such an effective treatment, why it’s so great for people who do a lot of training, people with physical jobs, athletes in general, and why I think it beats sports massage hands down!

Sports Massage
Massage after a hard workout = Amazing!

Raynor massage works a little differently from sports massage, as it looks at the body as a whole rather than just treating a particular area. It works on a deeper level than sports massage too and really looks to find the overall cause of the tension or discomfort, working with the reality that the body is connected throughout. With this in mind muscles in the shoulder can be held tight by muscles down the arm or in the hand, for instance. By working the whole body in this way, the treatment tends to be really effective and long lasting.

I know that massage is often seen as a luxury or to be dusted off in the case of an injury but more and more clients are realising that keeping their bodies supple with regular sessions can actually prevent injuries, aid recovery of muscles and is awesome for their overall wellbeing too.

If you haven’t yet experienced Raynor Massage and would like to or haven’t been for a little while then drop me a line via email (lori@studio7therapies.com) or text or give me a call (07814 019180).

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Health and happiness


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