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Lori McPherson

Studio 7 owner Lori McPherson

Studio 7 Therapies is owned and run by Lori McPherson who has many years of experience and training across a wide range of therapies. The combination of these therapies means that she can offer a holistic approach to your health and happiness, whether that’s through various forms of massage or Craniosacral Therapy.

Studio 7 Therapies operates from Lori’s home in Walton, a friendly, relaxed and professional environment that enables clients to feel at ease. As Lori’s approach is holistic, each session will begin with an informal discussion about your lifestyle as well as any health concerns that need to be addressed.

Lori’s passion for therapy and the world of healing came about after a serious illness while at university.

“I was struck down by glandular fever during the second year of my degree. Even after I had ‘recovered,’ I still felt lacklustre and had low energy levels for some time afterwards. My Mum and I looked at all sorts of different therapies to help me get back on my feet – and so began my interest in the fascinating world of healing! My mother is also a trained massage therapist and reflexologist, so you could say it runs in the family.

After my degree, I trained in various forms of massage. However, the prospect of running my own business fresh out of university was daunting. So, I moved up to London and got a ‘proper’ job in the corporate world of IT. My passion has always been about working with people so I used those skills to build and manage teams of both technical and non-technical people. It’s something I am very proud of and thoroughly enjoyed doing!

The world of therapy lured me back from the City and in early 2014, after completing further training, I finally set up in Walton-on-Thames where I have lived for the last 14 years. It has been a roller coaster ride to this point but I have loved every minute and have never looked back. I am really passionate about helping people and feel privileged to be a part of their journey.”

Below is an interview Lori did with Jackie Mitchell of Surrey Business Affairs on Brooklands Radio in August 2016 discussing her background, her treatments and the benefits they can achieve. Please click below to hear the interview:


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