How amazing is this weather?! I am in total heaven and very glad I have had a little more time to enjoy the sun while it is here this week after the last few weeks of madness! You are hopefully aware that I graduated as a Craniosacral Therapist at the end of May so I thought it might be useful to share a bit about the therapy, how it works and what it can help with, as for most people it is quite a mystery.

Craniosacral Therapy – The Low Down!

Craniosacral was originally developed from the world of osteopathy as a manipulative (biomechanical) therapy, but has since progressed to a very gentle (biodynamic) light touch therapy that can be used on anyone from new born babies to the very elderly. As a practitioner you learn to help people’s bodies deepen into the underlying health that is part of all of us, just by being present/mindful with the person and allowing them space and time away from the craziness of our lives you can help them enter a deep sense of calm and balance.

We tend to live in that adrenalin fueled fight and flight mode and Craniosacral Therapy can help down regulate the central nervous system so we drop into the rest and digest phase more readily. This has the potential to help with pain relief, bring people back in touch with their body and overall promote a sense of general wellbeing.

I am such a huge fan of this therapy and have seen powerful things come out of my own sessions. For instance I have always had a forwards tilt to my pelvis, which meant my lower back always felt very compressed; during a craniosacral session a couple of months ago this resolved/disappeared and is honestly like it was never there. I was blown away and still have trouble believing this happened! As I said to Vanessa (my therapist), “we can do magic”!

If you would like to know more about Craniosacral Therapy please do not hesitate to get in touch or head over to my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter.

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