Happy Friday! I hope it’s been a great week! I was at my good friends Will (of Will Foster – Happiness Coach) and Al’s a little while ago (always a treat) and they served a delicious herby salsa to go with our home made burgers, it was delicious! They are fabulous cooks so it came as no surprise as to how scrummy it was and what I love is it got me thinking about things I had in my fridge at home! Below is my own take on what they did:

Green Salsa
(Serves 2)

1x Bag of Rocket
1x Small Bunch Coriander
5tbsp Olive Oil (tbh I just lob the bottle round the blender a couple of times, it feels more cheffy!)
2tbsp Cider Vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste

Pop all the above ingredients into a blender and chop until you can still see pieces of leaf (i.e. don’t take it to a paste, unless you want to of course!).

Serve with scrambled eggs or burgers or anything you like really! A great way to get more tasty greens into your diet.

Health and happiness


PS: Check out Will’s Facebook blog here: https://www.facebook.com/willfosterhappinesscoach for some fantastic tips on how to get a happier life, he’s awesome so go visit! I might even persuade him to do a guess post for us! ;o)

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