Life’s Transient Nature

So May has begun and hopefully you enjoyed the long weekend! I was at Clapham Junction a few weeks ago, watching the seats nearby and it struck me that the transient nature of a train station is much like our lives. People would pitch up on the platform take a seat and wait for their train, passing the time however they saw fit. Once their train arrived they left their seat vacant for a short time before someone else sat down.

Similarly I have been in jobs where I thought I was the only person who could do that role as well as me, only to then find myself moving on and training someone else up to do that job. Sure, they were different people so they focused on slightly different aspects of the role but the job was being done by someone else quite effectively.

So why am I telling you all this?…because it has taken me a long time to be comfortable with the fact that life constantly moves forward/changes and that we shouldn’t try to stop it or worry about it. This is just the nature of how things are. Everything moves and changes all of the time, but if you are anything like me sometimes this can be quite a challenge so here are a few things I have found helpful in my journey so far:

Be Ahead: It is often easier to accept change if you are the one driving it. This isn’t always possible but if you are always thinking about where you would like to be next, e.g. moving to the country/city, changing to your ideal job, planning your perfect holiday, then where you end up next won’t be such a jolt out of the blue; which makes it much easier!

Be Conscious: Much of what we do, we do unconsciously which means we aren’t actually thinking about it or really taking it in. Push yourself for the rest of today or tomorrow to be totally conscious of everything you eat and drink, really notice the lovely things people do for you and be aware of how your body really feels. By being more aware we accept change much more readily.

Read: There are so many amazingly helpful books out there which discuss this stuff way more eloquently than me! Two of my favourites are “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson and “Embracing Uncertainty” by Susan Jeffers.

Wishing you all the change you can handle!

Health and happiness


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